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Sunday, January 1, 2012


                  A new beginning
                 A new day
                  A new life
                   And a new opportunity

          Before we begin
          Behind the future
             Better prepared
           Be there
                    Begin at the beginning

           Can be done
             Can do

            Develop a plan
               Determine a goal
                Devote the attitude to succeed
           Disappoint no one, especially the self

        Expand, let the mind absorb the new
Expect nothing, so whatever you get will be appreciated
         Express yourself without vehemence
     Extend yourself to extraordinary

         Free, a new beginning
Free, a new opportunity
   Free, without unhelpful
Free, with helpful, say something helpful
    Free, do not waste time on useless
         Free, avoid unhelpful
  Free, to think happy thoughts
     Free, to see every day, as a new day
 Free, every day to be a new person
    Freedom, to let go of the thoughts and things that do nto work
Free, light and airy
   Free, happy AND sad
      Free, knowing happiness you must also know sad
Free, to enjoy the happy, to really feel happy, because you know, somewhere you will get to know sad

        Gee,  a new year, a new day, a new me
 Gee, a new year, a new day, a new you
     Good is far more enjoyable than bad[sometimes always never]
    Grateful - that there is a roof over my head when it rains
        Gallant to march forward
     Gentle to touch someone with kindness
Gibberish, the opposite of genuine
      Give a gracious gift
   Gossip with goodwill
Grown up, responsible for the self
 Gulp and grin and gather, rather...


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