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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Diary 1.18.12 Not easy to read

We are becoming worried.

There is this nagging distress. It is growing to an overwhelm. It
is eroding any sense of well being. It is discomfort, it is a sore
festering, to seethe and foam, it spreads threads of the warning signs,
danger. The knot in the pit of the stomach, the raised hairs on the back
of the neck, the chill at the spine, all the commonsense alarms to
harbingers of hazard.

Sadness, disappointment, pain, anguish. Decades with knowledge,
compassion, regard, equality, justice, rights, freedoms now threatened.

A war is being waged on terror. A war is being waged on drugs, and now
again there is talk of waging another war, A war on females. Not
physically to kill them but to maim for life, in prison, coraled like
cattle, devouring rights and voice, freewill and choice. Chained to
pillars. Tied to rails. Slaves. Scarred for life, branded, altered.

A movement gaining strength. A massive crowd with no regard for
female. The group that is fighting to choose to deny female any rights
to control what happens to the body of female, a burgeoning voice
forcing their will to condemn female to a gulag. Using female to
reproduce against their will.

As a machine, to sustain, without regard, chained, enslaved
without rights, feelings, aspirations, dreams. Detached from the stage
of freewill, the backbone of the Great American Dream, the right to
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, locked into the dungeons of
despair, disfigurement, degregadation, owned, used, forgotten.
Carelessly without regard, a machine for reproduction, possession,

Female, unable to prevent one result of sexual intercourse, without
the advantage of privilege, a male equally unable to prevent this
outcome, but who, will *not* be forced, *not be* imprisoned, *not* be
forced to suffer the result, the one who gets 'the get out of jail free
card'. Female is punishment, one sided retribution , for in fact, it
is punishment for two errors, male and female, an error of
irresponsibility or ignorance. She, female, forced live the sentence,
entombed in the constancy, no where to hide, no eyes to close, no rest,
no sleep, no dreams, no choice, only the nightmare, 'doing time'.

Committing life gets the same punishment as committing death.
There is no chance for appeal no sigh of denial, no excuse, there is no
reprieve, life in prison, no parole, for female. Forced to mutate.

The abrogation of the rights of female in a country that parades
itself as the land of the free, a country that boasts the rights of
all, the country with the laws to protect all its citizens rights,
now, wishing to segregate the female into the land of the slave, the
chattel. The land that will seed the threads of the new divide, the new war.

The battle that belongs in the *Dark Ages*, with the moats,
dungeons, disease and pestilence, the time of ignorance fraught with
fear filth and the mud of madness.

Amongst us, are those who fervently believe in the sanctity of human
life and yet willfully void their alleged enemies.

Give me liberty or give me death.

Will it be seen that female will join together to renounce the
affront to their rights or will they bow to the laws /laid /by males.
Can female shoe strength, demand equality, and rights.

And if female chooses *not* to terminate the duality, thus then,
male *will *be held accountable for his actions. For female "with child"
there will be male equally responsible and accountable for said child
that enters the world.

When male is held responsible with female for emotional unions that
progeny will have the opportunity to become something, rather than a
drain on society.

As long as male steals away from confronting actions and female is
left with the burden, we have, a society that does not recognize the
rights of female. And we have a child, who will have begun a life of
need. Charles Dickens warns, "Beware the child called want, beware the
child called ignorance" and every child who begins life with want will
inevitably be a child of ignorance and need. The need of which society
can not deliver because that child would have lived the beginnings of
life unwelcome, in the first 'home', and will have shared an abode with
someone who did not like nor want to be with them, resented from the
beginning , and would not know love nor the warmth of being wanted. A
child unwanted is always looking and searching for want. This then would
be the members of the new society that would be forced upon all of us.
The new society.

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