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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fw: CNN Republican Folly 1.26.12

Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 2:01 AM
Subject: CNN Republican Folly 1.26.12

If the Republican Party believes they have done anything to advance their cause, think again. In the history of debate nothing comes close to this dismal display of rancor. The candidates have imploded.
More harm has been done to the Republican Party from within than anything the Democratic news army could throw at them.
These men showed no harmony of party, no respect for themselves nor America.
Who would want to vote for men who attack each other and call each other friends.
Who would want to elect someone who can not accurately berate a party member.
They are supposed to be on the same side.
We again heard nothing new.
We again heard no voice for America, or if we did it was a whisper.
Let us see, a voice for America:
Mr Santorum is so angry and cannot contain himself to debate. His anger rages before him. Would you want him near the switch.
He continues to remind us that his father came off the boat, and that he, Rick Santorum has fathered children. He also reminds us that he has been a fighter for twenty years to fix what is wrong with Washington. But Washington is not fixed.
Mr. Romney, the smooth one with the expensive education and expensive life reeks of money. He claims he made his own fortune, but with whose fortune did he get his start. Poverty has never touched him nor has anything. Mr Clean. The guy will never be able to meet with a third world leader and make them feel as an equal. How will he be an asset to an ever shrinking wealth of nations. How many clean shirts do you think he puts on in a day. Do you think, when he was a kid, he took out the garbage, once, just to see where it went. The Marie Antoinette of America. Let him eat cake.
The newt is the ever changing salamander, remaking himself, or is he the newton that studied light. His baggage is suspect. Although he is the brightest of the bunch he is the sloppiest, resting on his laurels. Perfection is not what he strives for, more for, amusement. He has thought things through. The trip to the moon although realistic in the sense that the race for outer space is leaving us in the dust of the milky way and that is a shame on America. It is a good dream for the nation and should have been delivered with some care. Because the roads to Florida all need to be repaved. Silly man thought we were not listening. We were.
the Doctor, like Dr Who, scares us too. His islolationist stance reminds us that we all must live on this small planet and play together. We cannot live on our own little island. We are all connected by the economic game. And unless he changes his rigid position about the world and what our role should be, he is the loosest cannon too.
The more they speak, the better Obama looks, at least we know  he does not care about america.

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