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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Diary, 3.8.12

       There are things I should have been commenting about, but haven't. Seems sorta moot to comment about Rush Limbaugh's faux pas but, he never walks in anyone else's shoes, so myopia is his moniker. It is a shame though, he has the ear of so many people and he simply spreads venom, musta had a tough childhood, never knew kindness, never heard of kindness. If we ignore him, we being all of us, it would do no good, he needs someone to hear him, so perhaps he will listen - .
       This whole thing about the birth control pills in not really about women's health, it is really about control. Men want to control women's bodies. Like the cave man hitting the cave woman over the head with a club, subjugating women like  some eastern countries clouded in masks. It is the male trying to dominate the female making them possessions.
        Some religions, founded my males, tell females they must reproduce, to rebuild the congregation, ensuring power. Some religions have it set up that the male make take many wives, and produce many children, even forty offspring by one male, thus guaranteeing the power of the male with the males own tribe.
            Thus, power disguised as moral right controls the society of local communities. Now, since the industrial revolution, robots and computers, the female, thanks to Johannes Gutenberg and the printing press, has left the cave of ignorance and discovered the brave new world of independence and self worth based on more than reproduction, the opportunity to think. That is what the battle is all about, denying the female the right to think and choose.
         If you believe god spoke to the male and told him what to write down for posterity then all females who do not reproduce and repeatedly reproduce, are doomed, as well as the male who also does not reproduce, repeatedly, to live forever in poverty struggling to survive and provide for the multitude of offspring.
        It is all about control, power, and having someone to control. All those people who feel powerless must have something (someone) to control, to maintain their illusion of control. They refuse to accept that there are so many variables in life that there is no control over anything, like the tornado that wipes out towns or the tsunami the washes away cities. You can only do your best and and live with what life gives you, or what life lets you keep.
        Why does one males opinion have to be the right opinion. Why does male have to tell female what is good for female. If female told male he had to do something to his body even if he did not want to, what would happen. If female told male he must have a vasectomy would he comply.
         Mind your own business, stop telling people what to do. Let people make their own mistakes. Freedom is more valuable than control. Without freedom people can not discover who they really are, and what their potential is. Not knowing who I am and what I believe in or want to be makes me a slave to society, it sucks the life out of me, and makes my life not worth living.
        Think about that for a while.
And let me live my life, and you live yours. Time is all I have, and you have no right to tell(order) me how to live it.

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