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Saturday, April 28, 2012


   Watching track and field on tv is good. It is exciting to see the test their best. They focus on the goal and give it everything they've got, making us feel like we are there and that we are the entrants. As they run around the field we see their form, the way they hold their bodies moving their arms and legs smoothly. Leo Monzano, the smallest person on the track, beating legs, the other runners had twice or it seemed like twice the length of leg than he, and he, as he said, "it was a struggle".

  When the race was completed, without giving the guy a chance to breathe, some announcer was in his face, expecting conversation. The guy, Leo(the lion) gasping for air, gasping between words. You see his chest heaving as his lungs grasped every breath to reguveniate his lungs and body with oxygen. The question is: Why must the news media force themselves on entrants at the end of a race or competition, and not give the athlete an opportunity to compose themselves. Why don't they interview them after a shower, when they are capable of communicating. Especially getting ready for olympic competition, these people should have the right to take care of themselves first, then, give more of their time, to their fans. Is it not enought to watch these people compete, stripped to the barest, and tested to the limit, then sweating, sucking in fuel to restore themselves, and then, with camera and interviewer stuck in their face. How about a little respect, or regard. Let them do their job, keeping themselves safe is part of their job, after competing give them some room, to ponder their performance, to get their breath.

  Or, does the media want us to see how much of the individual has been spent in competition, do they want us to see the bodies struggle to repair and replace its self. To see the muscles expand and contract into normal mode. Like when the runner with a face that is poised to exhaustion with overhelming pain as the legs collapse and the runner drops to the floor crying in pain as the muscles become rigid. What do they want? 

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