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Saturday, April 2, 2011

So whaT

So what
what difference does it make
it all turns out the same in the end

what matters
only the quality of life
not necessarily how pretty a home is
it is
those small things the little scratches that
etch away at self esteem
and erode self worth

all the undone
slowly piling into a mountain
the putting off till tomorrow
silently smashing the will
the step untaken

everything to do
and doing nothing
and what remains
a shell washing up on the shore
with nothing in it

without doing
there is nothing to look back on
to pat the back on
to puff the chest on

to lose
to have
to part with
to give up
to do without

to know what it is to lose
to know what it is to have
to feel
to touch
to love
to live
to be
to was
to is

as it is
as it is done
as it was
as it will be

at least it was there
if but for a brief moment
to celebrate the doing
and not regret the undone

to share life doing
without regret the undoing

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