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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The CBS South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate Commander in Chief Debate National Journal

Why is America, the American People being eliminated from the Presidential election process. Why did CBS cut the coverage and opt to continue the debate for a select audience of high speed internet users in the USA.
Why is the news media in America choosing to dumb down the voters. Without information to make an  educated choice for commander in chief, the wrong person will be chosen and we shall have to live with the consequences. All of us, including the news media.
Much was discussed tonight on broadcast tv. Minute bites of the candidates plans for the country, our security and safety. Although the questions were thoughtful they were longer than the time for the answers, giving us much fodder  to ponder and little time to hear what these people have to say.
Mr Perry redeemed himself, with grace, dancing over the blanks of the last debate and bragging about his past ten years of leadership.
Ms Bachman changed her hairdo so we were able to see her face, too bad she did not wear a suit that would have her on par with the men, she chose to look like a woman instead of an executive. Brooks Brothers makes suits for women. Parading her sex is a mistake.
Mr Gingrich was his curt self.
Mr Paul shared his knowledge.
Mr Santorum reminded us that no one in the Bush Administration or the Obama Administration listened to him about national security. Why could he not get his point across.
Mr Huntsman did not get much time to speak but did get to say that China's young people who are connected in cyberspace will create the revolution in China changing the communist state, and that what America needs to lead in the 21st century is economics and education.
The big story is Pakistan, harboring terrorists and having nuclear capabilities and how do we maintain a working relationship with Pakistan while thwarting the faction in Pakistan that leans away from having a working relationship with the USA. And the triangle of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan as the forces to sway because Iran is working towards nuclear capabalities.
There were of course the sound bites bashing Obama and the job his administration is not and has not done to support change in Afghanistan.
Mr Santorum gave the worst answer when he said he would if elected, surround himself with individuals who thought the way he thought and shared his point of view. He should have said that he would surround himself with all the people who would give him the best information needed to make the best choice for the country, looking at all sides to the issues.
The candidates are getting stronger and more informed, they are becoming seasoned and more willing to share their points of view. Too bad more people do not have the opportunity to interview them, that is, more American voters should have the opportunity to view the candidates and their performance before the nation and the world. So that they in fact, will have the tools to make the right choice for our leader. Mr Obama may in fact be the person to lead the nation for the next four years but we have the right to choose, and without the information we have no choice, and the country will be deminished. It is time for education and information for the American voters  to choose the course for the nation. We will have to live through this together, and we, the more we know, the more we can prepare for the future. An educated American is our best American.

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