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Saturday, November 26, 2011



hate anger rage evil chaos revenge pathos
It has been a long time that we have been living under the forces of evil. We have been afraid of our own shadows. They have controlled our lives with fear. We have succumbed to our own demons. We have let them scare us into terror. Terror of what is not there, terror of what is there. We are afraid of bombs, germ warfare, invasion, our neighbor. We walk down the street and will not look around, Or we look around at everyone imagining they are carrying a vest that will blow us and twenty blocks in every direction to bits.
    If we a continue to permit fear to rule our lives then they have won. Then they have placed us in  a prison of our own bodies. We have become frozen. Immovable, afraid to venture into life, afraid to turn around, to see what is in fact behind us. We once were a thriving hive of activity. Now we are at dead stop in the water, listening to the pings of the radar. Waiting for the depth charges to explode. We are living on life support. We must at some time soon, return to the surface to replenish our air supply. Should we, dare we, surface now, in the face of the enemy, who wishes us gone. But whose ship is the enemy, which afloat should we fear, which ship should we prevent from coming near. We do not know. We are guessing where the enemy abides, maybe the enemy is here, maybe the enemy is there. Turn.
Look over your shoulder, shed the fear, give yourself permission to be free. You have done nothing wrong to be punished for. Forgive yourself, for all the mistakes you have made. The days and the nights are long, and time is a swift companion. You can not be right all the time, and only sometimes you are punished for being wrong. Use your best judgement, trust your feelings. Give in to the urge to live. Take back your life, carry on to where you wanted to be. Let not the fear of the unknown take hold of the only life you have. Venture forth. Give up being controlled by fear. Let your mind explore, let your mind work, let your mind make your life the place you desire. Forget about the danger. Begin to make this world the place of sunshine and flowers. Begin to change the world by one little smile, then make that smile a little bigger, smile at the first person you see, When you feel a bit stronger, when you feel good again about smiling, try a 'good morning'.The first person you see with a grumpy demeanor voice an "hello" and a smile and continue on your way. Plant just one little seed of Happiness, then another, then watch the seeds grow. Give up the long face, give up the anticipation of doom. Share the happiness, tell all your friends to share the happiness. Make this the week that begins the new age of aquarius, the age of love and sunshine and flowers. All beginning with one smile, one twinkle in the eye. Touch a strangers heart with kindness. Let them see that you are happy and that it is ok for them too to be happy. It is far better to live the life of happiness than the life of gloom and doom. What ever happens, you are in the position to choose. Do you choose fear, hate, anger, rage, evil OR do you choose to enjoy the time you have. It is your time. Your clock is ticking, maybe tomorrow you will die of a heart attack, or the day after. If you had only one day left to live, how would you choose to spend it, living a gray drawn face spreading the doom to all around you who will survive. Do you want your survivors to have a good life or do you want them to cower at every corner.
   IT IS TIME TO REVOLT against the fear, against the terror which has spread like a wild fire. "fear IS the mind killer", that has the brain dead in the body that still breathes. Open your arms to the world, open your heart to life, do not just be a survivor, be an alivor. Use your time wisely, use your time to let your mind grow. Shut the door in the face of fear, it is neither a friend nor a companion worth nurturing. Block the thoughts that get in your way to happiness. Let happiness be your goal and let the goal of happiness be the golden age of the present, the NOW that is the beginning of our own revolt against the fear that has entombed us in activity. Laugh at danger, Noboby gets out of it alive, we are all going to die, while we are here wouldn't we rather be happy. Rather than growing ulcers over something we cannot see. We are our own worst enemy when we let the fear control our lives, we the fools, who give up the only thing we have, time, and how we spend it. Worry gets us nothing, tell your mind the problem you want it to solve, and get on with your life, trust that your mind will work out the problem, and in the mean time, get on with your life. You are alive, reward yourself with a good life, release the tension in your body and make strides to the sunshine, the happiness, the good life. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS. it is less expensive than fear.
Make it your own revolt, revolt against the fear that is controlling your life, that is the true enemy. Live and be free, live and breathe.

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