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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CNN Republican Security Debate

The debate in Washington DC was a very professional event. The audience was all dressed up and applauded instead of screaming and yelling their approval. Wolf Blitzer was the star, he was not in competition with anyone. He did his job, and was focused on doing his job. Thank you Wolf Blitzer. He also did not scream and yell to be heard. His demeanor is so peaceful that the audience is not distracted by him. We were not present to pay attention to him, he was not the star, yet he was the star. Even though CNN is proportedly Democratic, Mr Blitzer did not steer anything to a Democratic tone.
    Getting to the issues and the candidates. Mr Huntsman ended the debate with the focus on America and the distrust of government and unemployment as the issue most pressing. Mr  Gingrich offered a solution to the issue of illegal immigration, offering "legal" status to immigrants who have been here for years, are contributing to the country, having jobs, paying taxes, with children and grandchildren and ties here. He, Mr Gingrich made it clear that these individuals would not be given citizenship status but will be able to continue to live here. Immigrants without ties here would be deported. Considering the fact that there are more than eleven million illegal immigrants here and have been here for years it seems appropriate to begin to count these people as residents. As he said, some of these people did one thing wrong twenty five years ago, and we, America should not break up families for that reason. Mr Paul addressed the issue of the war on drugs, as a failure, and that prescription drugs are more damaging than pot for people with ms.
Misters Paul, Huntsman and Gingrich had the most substance to their comments, addressing the issues with thoughtfulness instead of cliches or speaches that did not answer the questions asked.
No one asked the question about if there was a Democratic congress how would a Republican President get anything done. The middle east was less of a distraction when talking about Mexico, and the drug cartels, as well as the South American countries which America has been ignoring. Iran and China are the countries which need attention. No one really said anything of substance about how to effectively suppress Iran's ability to go nuclear, except for Mr Perry wanting a no fly zone over Syria who is a ally of Iran. Russia and China will not go along with sanctions against Iran and Syria and all we heard was covert activity to thwart their progress.
A lot and more of the same. Still Obama bashing or bashing Mr Obama, the President, and the job that he is not doing, that he is not leading. That for all who demeaned the President was a mistake. Saying that the President was not doing his job, was the way the candidates avoided answering how they either would lead the nation or offer a solution to the problem the president was not solving. In other words they bashed the president for problems that at this time there is not solution. Ms Bachman was all hair and lips. Mr Paul was the look of increulity, Mr Perry the same old far off stare, Mr Santorum still has a father who was an immigrant, Mr Gingrich still quick, Mr Huntsman still diplomatic and the other candidate Mr Romney still has not voiced any plan for the immigrant issue other than trying to find a way to entice intellectual immigrants to America. Mr Cain has lost his standing and was simply treading water, preaching instead of speaking with the people.
Paul, Huntsman and Gingrich still appear to be the intellectual energy the rest are just hot air.

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