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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Did you do it?
I did it but I don't remember doing it.

Where is it?
Nothing is ever where I put it.

Will you answer me?
I did.
No you did not.
I did, I told you...

I put everything away.
I know you told me already.

We saw this movie.
I don't remember, let's watch some until I remember.

Did you fix it?
I didn't know it was broken.
I told you.
No you didn't.
Yes I did, when we were sitting in the kitchen looking at the mail.
Well,  if you did I don't remember.

What's for dinner?
I don't know.
When will you know?
When I get up and look and see what I can figure out.
 I could go for....
We don't have any.
We'll have...
We had that yesterday, I don't want the same thing again.
How about salad?
No, I don't want salad.
How about tuna?
No, I don't want that.
Then you have to eat what we ate yesterday.
I'm in the mood for....
You should have thought of that when you were doing the shopping.

We need to buy one or two new tires for the mower.

Because the whole that was there got bigger, I plugged it and put in some of the liquid to fix flats and mowed around for awhile but the tire went flat again.

I can't use the machine?
You can, if you fill the tire with air and ride around for a little while and then fill the tire with air again.

Then I guess we should get a new tire.

Shoul we order one or two?
I don't know.

The machine is six years old and those are the same tires that came with the machine
Well, I guess we should get two new tires.

What took you so long to start the machine?
It needed a new sparkplug, the hopper was clogged and the tire was flat. I put in a new spark plug. I couldn't find the stuff to plug the hole, then I  couldn't find the tool used to put the plug in. Went back to the house and checked the tool box and couldn't find it. Tried to plug it with a screw driver. When  that didn't work I drove back to the house and looked again in the work room and found it, then I plugged the tire and put in some of that stuff to fix flats an filled the tire with air. It worked for a while, then I noticed it was almost flat again.

Are you going to work outside some more today?
I don't know.
What is there to do?
Look and see if I can fix the other machine.
What are you going to do, it won't start?
The book says to check the air filter, the spark plug, the oil, and to check the throttle travel, whatever that is. We'll see how I feel after lunch.

What color are my eyes?
That depends on whether or not you are drinking.
What did you have to bring that up for?
For information. When you are not drinking your eyes are blue. When you are drinking they are like a grey.

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