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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The CNBC Republican Debate

Manufacturing Jobs
Banks too Big to Fail
Audit the Federal Reserve
Tax Reform
The National Debt
Student Loasn Debt
Social Security
Everything you have been worrying about, they talked about last night.
CNBC did get a boo from the audience when they asked Romney if he would hire someone(Cain) who had a cloud of a sex scandal. Romney refused to take the bait.
CNBC moderators seemed on the assault as opposed to impartial. The candidates were up for the game and threw back every ball, letting CNBC seem immature.
Mr Perry did loose concentration or he had a senior moment or there is something going on with him that needs medical attention. But he seemed to be accustomed to losing words and handled the incident with grace. Still, one wonders who put him up to running, and what did they offer him. I hope it was a lot.
Mr Cain has lost some lustre, not because of the sex cloud but because he was not prepared for some of the questions and used his 999 to cover his tracks. Everyone in America has a opinion about most of the issues and can answer some or all of the questions with a possible solutions.
Ms Bachman is falling back on her accounting background and seems somewhat stuck in the books., There is a big world out there and like Mr Cain she seems to have not thought about a lot of the things that affect the nation.
who is left
Mr Santorum is focused on the middle class and natural gas. He should have broadened his coments to include the rest of the world.
then there is
Mr Romney, who got most of the attention from the commentators. He is apart from the rest of the crowd in that he appears to be very smooth, expensive and segregated. He has money, and looks like he never sweats, or that everything is easy. A businessman, a ceo, a boss and a guy distant from the rest of us. He appears to be someone you could not talk to, someone who does not want to hear someone elses opinion. One of the guys who knows something and is not very ready and willing to share it with the rest of us.
on the other hand
Mr Paul wants desperately for all of us to hear what he has to say because he believes we are misinformed and uneducated. The kind of father trying to teach his child, desperately trying to find the right language because the lesson is vital and must be learned and is better taught by a member of the family than being hit in the face by the real world.
Mr Gingrich has a plan for the brain. He wants America to focus medical research on the brain, because of Alzheimers, old age and all the ailments that affect humanity when triggered by the brain. A very focused goal to reduce medical costs due to the effects of brain damage and disease. Like Mr Paul, Mr Gingrich seems to be paying attention to the needs of the nation. Whomever is elected, both these men have something to bring to the table and should be included in the next administration. They both seem to be paying attention to the job to be done, whether or not they grab the brass ring of president of the USA.
Mr Huntsman, if you had the opportunity to hear him, reminds us that China is closely linked with out health and well being and that a statesman diplomat must be available to protect our interests before it is too late. If you think about China, If you think about all the money we owe China, and if you think about all the products we buy from China, besides China's buildup of military might then Mr Huntsman is the man that must represent the USA with all dealings with China. He did say that what ever threats we threw at China like tariffs  would be answered by China, and that needed diplomacy as opposed to arrogance or threats. Watching Mr Huntsman's poise made one realize that the USA is quite small compared to China. Every other issue facing the nation seemed very insignificant to China and our relations with China.
    It was a very large debate. Chock full of concern with the real issues facing the nation. A very serious time. All the candidates exuded concern for the nation and the future of the nation. Mr Cain wants to be president, Mr Perry does not, neither does Mr Paul nor Ms Bachman, Mr Romney wants the feather in his cap. Both Mr Cain and Mr Romney seem to have their own best interests at heart, that is they seem to want to have the top job, like the kids who always were fighting to grab the seat in musical chairs. While Mr Paul, Mr Gingrich and Mr Huntsman seem to be statesmen.
Misters Huntsman, Gingrich and Paul seem to be the most educated about the needs of the nation and the three of them together should be able to convince the rest of the electorate to do the best for the nation.
Rich people do not know what it is like not to have money. And we have to choose among the rich, who, we think, will act on our behalf and now WE must make the choice of not who we like but who can get the job done. Because we in the USA and the rest of the world are in a lot of trouble and we need someone who can get us out of trouble, and make the very difficult decisions that will affect us all. America is still in the position to lead, and we should choose a leader to lead us out of the difficult dilema. We can not afford to choose the pretty, the witty or the kind, we need the strong leader, and it can not be just the one person who will be president. We need the person who will surround himself with the thinking minds that will recommend the thoughtful choices and not the quick fixes. It will be a long winter, maybe ten years long, and we need the fuel to get us through. Please choose wisely, don't just pick for the sake of picking. Become informed and then you will do your best to choose the best leader. Whatever you do, do not make the choice you will regret. This election is so important it comes down to NO REGRET. Be sure you do not regret your choice, because we will have to live with your choice.

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