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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Diary 12.25.11

Dear Diary,

       Since our last communication much has evolved. America has begun or is reinforcing it's religious persuasion. There seems to be an increased need to profess it's christian ethic. Television, radio, news commentary, everything and everyone is praising the rules of every sect of christianity. There is also a dis appreciation for any other  god fearing upbringing. Christmas music is everywhere, you can not turn on the radio or television without being bombarded with the indocrination chants. For some reason christians have a need to sell their beliefs to all. They want everyone to think the way they do, like stepford wives.

      It is really bothering me, here in America, there is no longer a separation of church and state, not that there really ever was, nor church from store, or radio or television. It is like George Orwell professed in the book 1984, big brother is everywhere. America is melting into a giant church and every other religion is fading into oblivion. The christians are taking over, showing force and professing that America is founded upon their faith and that their faith is what is the driving force.

     Like the witch hunts, and the crusades, there is a fever of furvor, fanaticism and frenzy reminiscent of the old movies showing the natives on the island dancing to the voodoo chants. These people are blinded by their beliefs and have no consideration for opposing or not even opposing points of view. They, like the extreme muslims seem positioned to leave no survivors. They both believe that they are so right they have the right to destroy anything that gets in their path. Thinking people beware. You are being killed by beliefs founded on more beliefs with no substance other than history to back them up. They are right because so and so said so, as per so and so.

     No one, no woman is willing to admit out loud , that the stories they are worshipping are written by me and are therefore subject to their primal rage to be the alpha male. It is in fact, a very bad situation. Before reason was the hope, there is no more reason. Blind fury is sweeping up the male population and sucking up the women too. The sides are being drawn. You are either, muslim or christian and everything in between will be wiped out with the enemy of either the christian or muslim. Who ever invented religion was brilliant. Control the masses with fear and you control the world.

    The age of enlightenment, the age of reason , the age of intellect is being wicked away with the flickering light of thought that is snuffed into the darkness. The feeding frenzy of fear is enveloping the world smothering any progress toward enlightenment, back to the dark ages. Thank you binney ladden et al for the new world of gray, the palor of sickness, the wreak of wrotting waste, the excrement of the bowels of fear, the wanton ignorance sweeping away every leaf of knowledge into the abyss of the galaxies of the unknown, the black holes that do not succor, the black holes that errode every matter of fact. Religious regrection of reality rights reason and reasonableness resulting rigid rigor rancid repulsion. All the years of progress falling into the blackness sinking into nothingness falling into the past to the gray cloud and the dark alley where no light enters. The muslim winter of the rest of our lives, the muslim christian winter of deafness dumbness and blindness.

    Sincerely sorry for all the bad news.
yours truly.

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