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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Giggle is the word that makes one smile
it is  cute
better than chuckle
chuckle is the jelly candies that are red yellow green and orange
covered with coarse sugar, it is the sweet that sticks to the teeth but yet we eat.

giggle, little children, at innocence, love to giggle
it is a belly erruption that has a satisfaction without indulgence
it does not overtax
nor does it assume more than a momentary attention
we giggle with pleasure
we giggle with a smile
we giggle without reserve

it is a special condition
to giggle

it has an impish tone to it
a relief that surprises
it is like a hug throughout and within
giggle wiggle.

A giggle may be better than a laugh. Oftentimes we laugh at ones demise, but a giggle has no bitter end to it. It is a personal pleasure that costs no one anything. It is a freebee.

Giggle, can you remember the last time you giggled, that silly little erruption you enjoyed, and it lightened your spirits and perhaps lightened your weight. It reduced the heaviness that accompanies age. It makes one feel young again, and is at no ones expense.

So, giggle a little for me, and giggle a little for you, and enjoy a giggle on the house, to giggle, to smile, to giggle.

And then giggle again.
giggle a good giggle, it will let you feel young again.  

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