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Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics 2012

     NBC's performance for the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London England was less than mediocre.
     The sound was no adequately adjusted for us viewers to hear the commentary, which was also wanting in substance. There was not a clear explaination as to what was going on. We watchers waited to try to glean an idea of what was evolving. It was not until the turf was being removed that we got the inference of the evolution of a nation/country. Tis a pity, because it is a good story. And a nation of people invested of themselves to make an acceptable appearance.

      Besides that, the camera work bounced around from site to site without weaving the story, it was all of a sudden in one place then another. It, the camera, did not attempt to put a face to some of the thousands of volunteers who gave, to make the games work. We got to see the royal family, and the stars of Britton, all the faces we already know. We never got  a glimpse of the thousands of volunteers. We never saw any of London, or the land outside the arena. They told us of the works project to rebuild a depressed area, but they never showed us what they were talking about. They brouught us to London and never  showed us anything that is London. They showed us all the bodies that filled the arena, and never the faces that went with them.

    There also was no mention of the logistics, how were the blankets illuminated, how many people volunteered, how did they feed all those people. So many interesting facts about the openning ceremony and how they made the event possible.   Worse yet, the questions were not asked. Hey, they just didn't want to spend the money, they couldn't be bothered.

     A nation extended itself to present to the world a picture of who they are and how they grew, and it was lost to the incompetence or the indifference of the broadcast network.

     And then, when the games began, they chose to spend all the time on the stars of the US Olympic team and never shared with us the other teams of  the other nations.

      A sterile show, too bad the people of London, all the money invested in presenting London to the world was/is wasted.

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