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Friday, July 27, 2012

what is it.
what do you mean/
what do you want
what can i do

will you help me
will you see me\

will you be there for me
what can i say

time is drifting by
the clock is ticking

and all there is
is right now
this instant
this time
this place
this circumstance
this event
this life
this is now

now is all we have
it is all there is
and yet
we plan for tomorrow
we relish tomorrow
we live for tomorrow

and tomorrow never comes
there is only right now

peace is the only place to be
it is the only time of harmony
it keeps us safe
it gives the body what it needs

like the monks in Tibet
peace harmony tranquility
one with the self
one with the earth

calm quiet peace of mind
with everything spinning around us
we stay still within the self
know thyself
know how to create harmony with in the self
and the self will provide

there is nothing needed
once the self is satisfied
to satisfy the self
one must study what gives quiet to the psyche

can you see the place inside
the place that controls the calmness
the place of peace
the harmony of spirit

can you live with yourself
do you know yourself
there is no one else
without the self in harmony

never mind what anyone else says or does
pay attention to yourself
pay heed to the signals
know who you are
and what is necessary for your well being
with out
and with in
give yourself the best there is
and the best will be yours
the best of times
is the time of peace and harmony
within the self

if you are calm and quiet and at peace with yourself
then you have achieved the pinnacle of perfection
then you know who you are
then you have unlocked all the doors to success
the wealth of oneness with the self
knowing who you are and what you need to be
one with the universe
and the universe will be one with you

give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the freedom
of the wisdom of knowing the self

meet the self so you can live with the self

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