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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Say something funny
almost fun
nothing to laugh about
just something light
a mirror reflection of us
the same stuff we see every day

the life that laughs
the honey of the pot
the laugh to gether
the laugh alone

was once upon a time funny stuff
the things kids laugh at
the silly giddy stuff
that the giggles spread about
the giggles with finger in front of the face
holding in the giggles that laugh through the fingers

the youthful happiness of the young
giggle giggle
right left left right
satin curtains
velvet chairs

the colors of the past
the memories of yesterday
that is what makes us as we are today
the giggle of frogs
the jokes of worms
the laughs of toads

striped shirts
polo before polo

dungarees before jeans
saddle shoes and poodles on skirts
bobbie socks and heavy sweaters

the era of the past
the oppression of the future
the giggle of the present

what do we laugh at
the art of the thinker
the words of the mind
painted a splendid picture

dim lights and boogie music
jazz on the piano
disco on the floor
boogie nights
and jazzy midnights

streams and seaside
the foam of the oceans surf
sand and seashells
washing ashore
remnants of the past
memories of the future
home away from home
away from home at home

sand, sea, seagulls
jonathan livingston
a dream
drifting forward into today
a sweet swift of sentiment
gathering dust in the eye
a teardrop
laughing to tears
tears to laughter
just a joke for today
a giggle a sigh
a laugh in the eye
a twinkle of laughter
a smile
a giggle
another giggle
a laugh
a smile
a twinkle in the eye
a giggle
a smile
let me out
let me laugh
let me smile
let me sit here a while
with a feeling of satisfaction
a smile on the face
a twinkle in the eye
a glad tiding of good bye
only nonsense
just a joke
a poke in the rib
a laugh and a sigh
a giggle and goodbye.

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