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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things and Stuff

All the things I put in the way
All the Things I have to do
All the Things

Things and stuff
             is what we're all made of
The Things with which
             we don't know  what to do
The Stuff we have to put away.

Two abstract terms
To explain, what fills my life.

Stuff the Thing in there.

Where did you put my Stuff.

How much was that Stuff.

I bought a great Thing today.

The bag was filled with Stuff.

There's more Stuff, if you want.

That Stuff is beautiful.

Where did you get that Thing.

I'll trade my Thing for that Stuff.

I found that Thing in my drawer.

I got some Stuff in my eye.

Stuff it in your ear.

I'll watch your Stuff.

Where did you get that Thing.

Some Things are more important than others.

What kind of Stuff do you do.

Where does that Stuff come from.

I'm sick of this Thing.

What are you gonna do with this Stuff.

Did you bring the Thing.

What did you do with the rest of the Stuff.

You know a lot of Stuff.

Get rid of that Thing.

Stuff and Thing
Two great words having many meanings for many people.
They join the club of meaningless Things.
A great coverup for the words we don't know, or the
truth we don't want to say.

Stuff and Things are the places I hide, locking inside;
         what I really want to say.
So people can think whatever they may.

Stuff this Thing in the circular file.

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