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Sunday, December 18, 2011

IOWA Republican Debate

          Yes, the candidates got together again to debate the ill and assets of the opposition and each other.
Was there little or anything new to be heard, perhaps, but it was not said. All the candidates espoused what they would accomplish if elected, and none gave an effective argument of their success.
           It remains to be seen, as they say.
           The first and foremost decision each American voter will use to select their choice for leader, is security. Ron Paul, Dr, Mr, and Congressman believes we are not in danger. Anyone who does not agree with him will move to one side of the room.
           The second decision for selection is abortion. The strongest pro life candidate is Mr Senator Santorum, even though Ms Congresswoman Bachman has plenty of her own and others. The other candidaes you must choose for yourself whether or not you believe their flip flop side straddle (I am not clear about  Governor Huntsman and his position except he has plenty of kids too.)
            Yes, Jobs count too! but the other two issues are what people are passionate about, pro and con.
Lots of men like to tell women what they can and can not do with their bodies and want it to stay that way, and will use any excuse to justify their control. Religion is a good one.
American dominance always is the covert motivator for aggression, the defense industry lobby is another good one.
Brain washing a populace when the people are afraid is emblematic of generations, nations, religions and elementary school teachers. A thinking people are a free people. Free time gives one the opportunity to ponder the validity of beliefs, and whether or not to adapt those thoughts either to the changing times or the changing limit of information.
             Therefore, it becomes obvious, that the voting population will choose the candidate that best voices the thoughts and choices of the individual. In other words, parrots what the voter is thinking, reading their mind, selling the story that the voter wants to buy. Even though, the voter knows in his or her heart, that the plan put forth by the candidate will in fact probably not be executed.
             If Mr Paul or Mr Perry get the majority vote they will reevaluate internation spending, but why do they say they will cut spending when they have not addressed the facts now. Like the old time stories, the black and white politicans of the silver screen of the nineteen thirties and forties, "I will clean up the town, and root out all the illegal (booze, prostitution, drugs etc). If foreign subsidies are withdrawn we will really see who our friends are, and in whose interest is that. How many corporations will be destroyed by that move, how many international companies, shareholders, workers, and families will be impacted - world wide chaos! worse than depression - anarchy- absurdity - That will never happen, no matter who is elected. So if you 'want to believe' that will be done, rub the lamp and cross your fingers it will not affect your job.
            Now SEX is another strong issue, reproduction is man's right, even if he can't afford to feed his issue. Notice I say, he, as opposed to they or she, because men believe that is their god given right, and their religion backs them up. Seventy virgins for a dead Muslim is a lot of -------! And their book of law makes it right. Christians too, or Catholics, because I am not particularily versed in the other 'branches' of christianity, are warned eternal damnation if they in any way reduce the potential of the Catholic population - is this a way to garner a majority, perhaps.
            So, the lines are drawn, choose one, kill the enemy before he kills you, or, ---- the women.
Those who neither feel strongly or weakly about either issue will go with the candidate that is selling the sales pitch of, "I can bring you the high paying job, or the blue collar job" depending upon where you believe you should be in the hierarchy of ecomomic population. Regardless of where the market is, or the demand. Computers win! Anything to do with the mechanical brain and how grandly it shall grow, is the way to go. But, then you will be replaced by the brain you built. Catch 22 or sudden death.
            If you believe the sales pitch, buy the candidate with your vote and hope that your wishes will be in the mainstream come election day.
            George H W Bush was elected when the nation was equally divided. If there are more security scared Americans who will, in your humble estimation, protect us. Will Mr Obama do the right thing for our safety, has he shown dilligence for our wellbeing, or has one of the runners for his seat shown more strength.
            And are you willing to risk the security of a nation to save an embryo or two or three.
Eeney meanie miney mo.
            There is no one individual who can protect our best interests, we can only place our bets on the one we believe who will surround the white house with and listen to great minds, and that is no guarantee that the right thing will be done or that we will be safe. Take responsibility for yourself and for your choice, be the educated consumer buying the government you believe, trust, wish and hope will be the right one to lead the people and then cross your fingers.  

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