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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The better way to watch that debate was to tape it and watch fifteen or twenty minutes after it started. The commercials made the debate seem moot, more commercials than questions.
The best line was from Ron Paul, when asked what if anything he had learned from some of the other candidates , he said persistence - never give up on the opposition - if you state your case they will come your way, (regarding Mr Perry)
The debates are becoming tiresome, they keep saying the same thing the same way, repeating themselves like parrots. Mr Romney still looks sterile, not a wrinkle or a ruffle out of place, someone said he was like Ken (of Barbie & Ken)
Mr Gingrich at 68, today looked a bit tired, perhaps he was bored with the same questions.
Mr Perry today was clearer, his brain was connected to his mouth and he held his own.
Mr Huntsman was not there.
Mr Santorum was more engaged and had equal time to speak, even though again, Romney and Gingrich got more time than the others.
Ms Bachman said she was 55 and has been working for fifty years?
Foreign policy, the middle class, healthcare, taxes, child labor, immigration, values and truth were all covered.
It is interesting that none of them had a new routine, all performers change their act to enable them to engage their audience, these people don't know that, or don't care.
It appears to me today, that none of them will beat Mr Obama. None of them have presented anything (except Mr Paul, and his foreign policy views are so radical to isolationism that they seem a bit foolish for the twenty first century) that could woo a Democrat. or an independent.
There is no real plan, nothing concrete from any of them. I know they say alot, well, maybe Mr Perry with his novel idea cutting congress' salary in half and have them  work six months at home doing something else.
Only the unemployed will turn the tide of this election, whom they choose will be the deciding factor, if they vote.
Mr Gingrich was challenged with his three marriages by the question of whether or not fidelity in marriage should be a deciding factor in choosing a leader. He said, truth counts(not his words)
It was a more engaging debate, and less interesting coming down to choosing the least of the evils.
Good luck to us.

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