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Sunday, December 18, 2011


          Where have all the soldiers gone...
What will happen next
Why did they leave
What will IRAQ do next
When will we see
Who will lead
Whose house is it any way
What does it all mean
When have all the soldiers gone...
Why have all the soldiers
We will see
will the country be able to cover its back
will the country be under attack
will the country be on the way back
shall the country grow
shall the country prosper
shall the people...
        live normal lives
        be free
        be safe
Without America there
 will IRAQ
        be more than the Persia it once was
         aspire to democracy
          lead the mideast
           stand central and bridge the gap
            or fall on its back
              and discover much it lack
               or rise and grow
                to be best in show
                   to lead
                        to grow
                         to nuture
                           to educate
                                to liberate
                                    to free
                                      to see
                                         all and everything it could be.
Happy Birthday IRAQ
All alone, on its own, standing, walking, breathing and talking
   Bigger than life
          free from strife
               give them a chance
                  give them a life
                      let them sort it out
                         let them not fight it out
                            let them  be
                             more than animals we humans be
                                   fear, greed, ignorance, want
                                     leave their doorstep
                                        leave their table
                                             leave their country
                                                 leave them free
Happy Birthday IRAQ
wishing you the very best
and happiness.     

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