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Sunday, December 11, 2011


    Did you happen to see the fight on December  11, 2011. If you did you know that the boxing world is up to it's old stuff.
    Peterson had lousy footwork and maybe should practice it. He also kept his head in Kahns face while pushing him into the ropes, AND gave Kahn a low blow.  Referee Cooper did not see any of it, and when Kahn was pushing Petersons head out of his face, the Ref took a point off, twice.
    Kahns form is more like a boxer, and they both fought using all their energy. A good performance by both men BUT Kahn lost the fight that was his. Fixed? Maybe? Fair?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Look at the rerun. There is no way Peterson should have been declared the winner of the fight, and there is no way that Cooper should be a referee.
    Boxing is a very ugly job, putting your body in harm's way on purpose, defending yourself against an opponent who sometimes is not honorable, who sometimes is not ethical, who sometimes is much bigger, to test your skill of defense, eye hand foot coordination. The ultimate test of a true champion, hand to hand combat. Twelve three minute confrontations, sweat, blood, pain, scars, damage. Men and sometimes women challenging themselves to ignore fear and give everything they have, risk permanent damage to their mind or body to battle for a title, the best. And these young people give everything, all their resources to prove themselves, and all for naught.
    And yet there are no investigations, not outcry for injustice. Fixed, and if think it was not fixed, either by a prejudiced referee, or a bought referee, or bought judges, you believe in the tooth fairy.
    A good fight gone bad, by not being fair. And these young people comprimised, black and white, in front of our eyes, only now you can see the fight in color making the loss all the more dramatic. Will not someone come to their aid, will not the shining knight in armour ride to their rescue.

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