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Monday, March 19, 2012


Chicken is a term used to denote someone who is afraid to venture...into the unknown, a coward. Children love to use the term to frighten peers into doing something or, to chide. Sissy is also used with the term. A sissy is a feminine insult to boys who are 'chicken' to venture where all the other boys will go, into the unknown, danger.

Chickens are little birds that seldom fly except to flee, they more seem to jump away from danger than fly, their flight is straight up as in helicopter then a parallel left or right pass then to  ground. They are quickto flight as they cluck to warn the others.

Their feathers are used or were used to stuff mattresses along with money that was being safeguarded. At the local chicken markets they had a machine that would shave the feathers off the carcass, it resembled a grinder's wheel.

There was a young boy in New York who lived near a chicken market. He and his friends would always annoy. To get rid of the kids, the owner of the chicken market told the young boy that if he planted the chicken's legs feet up in the garden chicken would grow. The young boy went home with the chicken legs and planted them feet up in the garden, to the dismay of his father, head of the agriculture department for the city.

Chickens are either caged or free range. Free range chicken wander the farm pecking at the soil seeking insects or the grain, usually corn, scattered by the farmer. Free range chickens are stress free birds except for the predators, cats, dogs, fox. Free range chickens often lay their eggs anywhere in the grass, or in a nest as provided.

Caged chicken are like any animal, stressed to tension, tight muscles, and agitated.

Chicken barns are usually large metal structures housing hundreds of chickens confined to every available space. Their waste is usually housed until trucks arrive to remove the debris to elsewhere to be burned or used for fertilizer. The odor is not contained, it floats into the air, hovering at ground level. These barns are built by local residents contracted to the major suppliers. Once there is a profit, then another barn is errected, an another, soldier style one right after another. Four barns standing together look neat and orderly. When driving by the nasal assault causes the eyes and nose to close, if the flaps on the ears worked they would close too. As the automobile wooshes by it picks up the odor and wooshes it along for a scent that lingers, nearly another mile.

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