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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Does it exist
'I have nothing'
is the nothing something, or
is the having a figment of the imagination.

what did you do today,
'I did nothing'
just being is something so,
doing nothing is something, therefore
nothing is something
or is doing a figment of the imagination..

what do you want,
if wanting nothing does that signify fullness;
or is wanting just a figment of the imagination.

doing nothing
having nothing
wanting nothing
can one exist with nothing, wanting nothing doing nothing having nothing.

No thing, is that like the black hole, consuming all thing.
disappearing everything, leaving no thing.

wanting no thing is simpler
than having no thing.
food, clothing, shelter,
someone to share with.
no food, we become no thing, not true,
we become fodder for something, therefore continuing us as something.
no clothing, the elements erode the thing that we are and therefore we become the element that is the eroder, still not nothing.
no shelter, we live amid the elements, both being nutured and erroded by the elements, thus and therefore we are again nothing.

Empty denotes nothing
empty of .....
is simply the absence of...something
yet something is nothing
and nothing is something

nothing happens when nothing is without something
yet something is always there
it is just not important enough to be called something

what do you hear,
what does nothing sound like
something different than what we usually hear
can you hear nothing
if you hear nothing is it not something

what do you see
this, then is subjective
with eyes open there is always something to see.

what are you looking at,
can the mind disappear everything
or does the mind refuse to see what the eyes behold.
what are you looking at,
in the darkness is there nothing
or is it simply
what the eyes cannot see, that is called nothing
or can the eyes see what is there
and the mind, not.
When the eye is accustomed to darkness what does it see,
the absence of darkness
yet it is dark,
or is it a figment of the imagination.

what do you see,
is it what is in front of you,
or is it what you want to see,
or is it nothing.
Nothing of vaLUE to you, yet something,
and yet nothing.

What do you earn,
Enough to eat, shelter, clothing.
yet nothing you want,
only what you need
therefore nothing of enough value to be something.
No more than survival,
nothing to enhance life,
nothing to enjoy life,
nothing to really be alive.

Then, therefore, you are dead.
And if you are dead, you are something to something,
not nothing.
And, thus, enhance, life, for something, not nothing,
for without the wind the water, the soil, the sun, even on what is called barren planets, there is something.
So, nothing is something
and something is nothing.
and there is nothing to change the something that nothing is all about.
and, therefore is nothing to worry about, something on the other hand, always occupies, any place in time or space.

We live in time and space, and nothing is nowhere something is therefore nowhere is where something is, in space and time.

If, on the other hand, there is no space and time, is there room for nothing. No, because there is no space and time and nothing fits in, or, without space and time there is nothing. But we already know that something is nothing or more precisely nothing is something, it is obvious that then there is no such thing as the absence of space and time.

Or , there is only space, time is only a figment of the imagination, or the clock that we all live by, if  there was no time would we live forever or cease to exist. Without time are we nothing. Must we have time to be something, something we currently recognize as 'alive' moving to another time, as currently 'alive'.

Are we alive as dirt, does dirt feel, not necessarily as we denote feelings of pain or satisfaction. Dirt, what does dirt feel when stepped upon, or wetted with lime for cement. If we are feeling , would we thus continue to feel when we become 'dirt'. Or, do we feel nothing, do we leave the feeling to the 'thinking mind' that thinks nothing does not exist, while in fact we have above proven it does.

Nothing, to worry about, we will in fact, all find out the answer, except if being 'dirt' is the same as not knowing.

A leaf falls to the ground, an ancestor of something or an ancestor of nothing, does it know, unable to change any part of the world for better or for worse, that it is not able to, or does it, just by one person who is in awe at it's beauty. Has that small a change in the world made it something, or must we see it as nothing because the mind of the  eye refuses to see.

Come tomorrow we shall see, something or nothing.

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