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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Diary, 3.23.12

Change for the better is very easy to accept.
Change for the worse is hard to swallow.

Who we are is always charming for the days that go by,
time is never at a loss to tick,
bye, bye
to our selves all we can say is bye bye.

We ascend to achieve, each day growing in wisdom and skill,
until, the clock ticks bye
and we begin to lose the glimmer in the eye.

We forget, we stammer, we stumble
time time slowing all our time.
can do, can not do
lose the rhythm
forget to tell
forget to ask

And as the days grow shorter
skills wane
everything a long refrain.

Less we do
along we wait
for someone to assist
for the loss is great.

We did it yesterday,
whatever it was,
we don't remember,
we wonder what it was.

We say it again,
 we said we never said it,
we don't remember saying it.

We did it,
we don't remember doing it,
we can't say it,
we don't remember what it is called.
We know it is not because we are getting old.
The brain in long refrain,
it will never be the same again.
It is gone, it is going,
drifting away

what can we say,
we were here
we did what we could
what difference does it make
we don't remember doing it.

Goals achieved
mountains climbed
we did it, it's done
we'll never do it again
and we won't remember
we wanted to do it again.

The mind is going
the body too,
to where?
We wonder,
then we forget.
And it does not matter,
for there is nothing left,
we have left, we are gone,
we are here, and then there,
bye bye
in the wink of an eye.

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