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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A new laptop
It's cool to be able to sit anywhere and work
A new laptop
means a new keyboard to adjust to
the keys a little larger
functions deleted, can't hit a mute key
functions added, haven't looked them up yet
no book for a clue
have to search the help.
  How can I work and search for info at the same time, two screens are not happening. And then the type fades in and out, larger and smaller as my hand moves to type.
A new version of Microsoft too, whoopie doo.
Page out to save
page in to new
page out to find another page
no more drop down screen
no more side panel for access.
All new.
Easy to add columns.
Tough to read to find the function though.
  Haven't yet found out why the type keeps changing.
More to learn.
It is good to learn.
It helps the mind stay young? It helps the mind stay.
Staying must be the same thing as young.
The keyboard has the direction arrows near the shift key,
I keep shifting to another line, like learning how to drive.
Does the laptop come with a Mavis Beacon lesson included?
Somehow I made the screen smaller and got it to levitate to the top of the viewer, getting seasick.
Need a map.
  It's the touch pad! You must type with your hands suspended in mid air or disengage the touch pad. Fascinating. P ,, nlblem solved, not really, still have flying type.
Practice, practice, practice.

  Watch out for the ac adapter, it gets warm, hope the carpet is fireproof.
The cat will love it in winter. if we ever have a winter.
Still sitting where i want, swell, as they said in the 1940's, or cool, in the 1960's or neat!
   Flying type. Coping with flying type and with getting the job done is extra time consuming, the trials of new. Always takes more, to do the same thing. The something new. The thing you got to make things easier and faster, are harder and slower just when you need it faster. Luxury is being able to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience, but we gotta eat. So the tension mounts, deadlines, and new. We never buy a new computer when we want to play, it is always because it is needed for a task, the old one dies, or does not do the what the new job calls for or there is not enough memory or there must be a new language, always new, to do the same old thing, communicate.
   I know, I keep harping about the same old thing, but, I truly believe there should be a holiday for Johann Gutenberg. A tribute. A song. Oh, where are the Beatles, they should have sung his praises.

    Gutenberg, Gutenberg, Johann, we wouldn't be here today without you. Strong fingers, short nails, symbols  to strike, paper is taking a hike, we're saving the trees,  even books to read, all because of you, thank you, Johann Gutenberg, my hero.

    They have added keys, they have new symbols, the printing press is still the best. Without the first books we all could read, where would Bill Gates be.
    Time to stop playing, time to learn the new machine, time is money, and time to earn some money, so time to learn, time to stop playing, time to get it together, before it gets away.

PS That's what I get for trying to put a word document on a spreadsheet!

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