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Friday, March 16, 2012

In Life

In Life one needs a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. Employment, of the nature that provides income, or of the nature that supports income are usual for adults. One person a breadwinner, another supports the breadwinner. When there is a team the roles oft are shared with purpose morphing according to needs, that is , if there are children to raise the responsibilities are varied and divided according to abilities and opportunities-who has the potential to increase the financial assets and who has the ability to tend the brood.

As the brood ages and leaves the nest the purpose shifts to responsibility to and for partner for income. Once the financial assets have been secure, or as secure as possible within the global climate then the need to acquire new purpose is catamount to enhancing the quality in life.

Upon retirement from employment to acquire financial income there must be adjustments to adapt a lifestyle to shift focus to new purpose. There is the oppportunity to pursue passions as in golf, tennis, or other competitive sports as racing, pool, bowling. This venue allows for personal growth to be measures with competition among peers. Allowing for satisfaction in personal achievement as well as the relishing of beating a foe, or absorbing the loss, with dignity. For some, the opportunity to compete is satisfaction enough, being able to gather the energy and courage to 'show one's stuff.'

There are also those who choose to continue to acquire assets in the same line of business as that which they retired from, or to embark on another field, money being the goal for satisfaction.

Then there are those for whom it will take some time to fully grasp what in fact will be the hidden purpose for which satisfaction, excitement drive and passion will spark. They will languish in a limbo like state sifting through life sorting through minutia acquiring bits and pieces of knowledge and experience which will support the future purpose, of which they are yet to be surprised. Here, without self worth the individual will sink into a despair. Respect and trust in self, the knowledge of, the lack of opportunity, not the lack of preparation. When one continues to strive for excellence the satisfaction is self achievement and the self respect that will provide the staff of life to endure until the opportunity for purpose arises.

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