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Friday, March 30, 2012

Somebody is reading

   The stats for the blog say that someone is reading the stuff I write. Latvia is checking in, so is Russia, Canada, Sweden, and Germany. Someone from Malaysia was here too. UK, France and Columbia are counted too.

  Hello to all of you, and to everyone else I have not mentioned. I am now addressing you, for a change. All the other stuff has been written for me, as the way to empty my head of the things that have been on my mind.

  I wonder about all of your lives and how it differs from my. I wonder about your happiness or satisfaction with your lives. Instead about thinking about what you are doing, I do wonder about that, but more from the point of time and how you spend your time, your 'free' time, the for yourself moments and what good is in your life. I hope there is pleasure in your life, the little joys of the days, like sunshine, flowers, a smile.

  When I see the stats for the blog, I wish for all of you a good day, a happy time.

  So when I see the countries log in i visit with you for a moment. I try to imagine what your street looks like or the building in which you live. i hope it is a sturdy well built building on a clean street. I don't imagine the interiors or the weather, except for Russia, I always think it is cold there.

  I seem to care about the quality of your lives, you annomyous persons that peer into my soul. i get curious as to how you got to the site, how did you stumble here, is it the old random walk theory or were you driven by particulars.

  I do not read other blogs, read one or two, but have no more time to visit other sites. The blog is just my minute of rest, the standstill to regroup before moving on with my life, the minute to look at who I am, to make sure I still like myself, and that I have not strayed from where I remember is the place of peace for me. it is the way I take care of myself, the self analysis to maintain my mental health.

   I am not sure my mental is healthy, by others standards, but it is the look myself in the eye time  to see if i can still live with myself. Self respect is important to me, it is what i think my life is all about. If i like the me that I have to live with ---and what do I have to do to keep myself liking me. How I earned my living was important to me. Not what my job was but the ethic in executing the job.

  Even the worst jobs, the awful demeaning jobs working for persons who did not deserve my respect, that I did not lower my standards, I did not cheat myself. Is it the same for you. In this new millennium cheating and stealing seems to be the norm, or is that not the case, is it simply a few taking much or is everyone stealing as much as they can.
  The youth of today have a difficult road ahead of them, and i guess they will take care of themselves, that they have evolved into the new persons that are needed in this global neighborhood. In the old days there were what we called the 'jet setters', the people who hopscotched from nation to nation and continent
to continent. They were the aberration. Today they seem to be the norm, with the world right around the corner. Have you all been flying around visiting mcdonalds in japan and turkey.

   Then I think about all the people in china and the life differences in a dense population, as close as I get is as a baby boomer, close but not the same.

   Do you all think for yourselves, or do you follow, is another thought I have. Even the economically poor can think, i think, only depending how hungry you are, then need overpowers any rational thought, and survival kicks in. My life has not been easy, nor has it been as awful as the  worst of us. Yet, there is a bitter residue, and i want not to be responsible for making life more difficult for someone else. i want not to get in your way of having a better life, i want not to step on your toes.

  And that leads me to think about people, no, not people, persons, individuals who wish harm on others and I feel so bad for them, I feel that they are in so much pain that they have no way of soothing themselves, and i think that their lives must be so awful that they can not feel good unless they make others feel worse than what they are feeling. The trickle down of horrors.

  And i think maybe i am being smug about my attitude. Trying to look at it from their shoes. Do we feel happiness, true happiness, differently, or are we all living life at different levels of happiness. The pyramid of the haves trickling down to the have nots.
  But there are the monks who are poor and are happy.Another of life's mysteries, of which i have as yet not come up with an answer.

  So, yes, i think of all of you, and how your day must be going and wish for you a day that makes you feel good about yourself.

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