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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ever notice all the mistakes made when tired, they seem to be simple faux pas' that should have been caught by the naked eye. But the eye is dulled by the dreams of slumber and the  mind continues to wander through the thoughts of the day or the task at hand. Some can control the mind to stop before the eye blinks into dream land, for others the eye drifts to the shores of another design, planning and scheming what should be, transposing numbers omitting letters and skipping pages. Reading is grand, the minds eye sees, the lips whisper and the image disappears before it opens the door to be filed in the brain, yet we continue reading, oft times, for pages, before the shutters slam the lids closed.

There was a guy who walked in his sleep, eyes wide open. He would always travel the same route. From his bed to the next bedroom to stand before the window, gazing into nowhere seeing nothing, then after a time return to whence he came. Upon waking in the morning and hearing of his nightly travels would laugh in disbelief and accuse his speakers of falsehood.

Then there was the woman who for three nights dreamt of a man who entered here home. Each morning she would wake in sweats, the home safe. Until, one day she entered her apartment when returning from work, to find it had been broken into and the little she had, was taken from her.

Another woman, aggrieved after the sudden loss of her lover, saw him at the door in her apartment, standing tall. Again she saw him at his funeral, seated behind his friend.

Then there are the times when seated, exhausted, so tired you can not sleep, but too tired to do anything you just sit there in a stupor, eyes open, seeing nothing, doing nothing. Not awake, not asleep, in a limbo between the two worlds.

You have undoubtedly seen the child fall asleep eating, the immediate shut down when enough fuel has been consumed, moving the body on to the next need.

There was a woman who once fell asleep standing up holding the strap on a crowded subway train, with the jostling motion and the shrill screech of the the metal wheels dragged along the metal tracks.

How about the person asleep with eyes open, that is a strange one. You carry on a conversation and there is no one there listening.

What about the dream you think is reality. The task though about the night before is dreamt about during the night and the disappointment upon arising to find the task undone, to be done anew.

It begs one to wonder, in fact are they all dreams, it is all the minds sorting during slumber that leads us to think we are awake when in fact we are walking in our sleep.

Do you know if you are awake. Is this really a dream. Can this be real. Pinch me.  No matter how hard you look, will you ever know, what is unreal, and what is real. Many a criminal has been set free, for we know not exactly what we see.

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