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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Politicians lie all the time, they make promises they can not deliver and no one holds them accountable except to not elect them. They say that when they are elected they will do this and they will do that. And when they get into office they find out the reality of the job, the en bedded cronies that run the machines of government that tell them what they can and can not do, or who has to be paid to get what. Or whose palm has to be brushed to get something.

And we the public know this, yet we elect candidates based upon the lies we prefer to hear. I will fix this or I will fix that or  i will eliminate that. Seldom do we hear the truth. The government of the United States is based upon a system of compromise. A politician will vote for another politician's bill if the other politician will do something for the other politician in return. They are all making deals for their constituents, as well as for themselves. It is at scandal proportion now, the wealth en massed by the politicians in office, while the infrastructure of America is failing and the populace is in the throes of poverty, with millions unemployed, and more millions underemployed, and more mouths hungry leads us to nightmares.

America is more a third world country, brought to it's knees by greed and fear. Politicians robbing the populace and external forces scaring them to ignorance and fantasy. There are more people praying for salvation that there are thinking people. They are praying for solutions instead of educating themselves. They are burying themselves in the dark ages of hocus pocus magic. It is no longer the land of the free and the brave. We have become slaves to ignorance and fear controlled by greed and want. A perfect potion for danger and volatile weather.

Let's blame. Let's blame anyone, instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment. It is easy that way. It is not my fault. It is your fault. And that will solve everything. And then we will be back to when this was a land of plenty of opportunity. Helpful isn't it, the pass the buck mentality to solving the ills of the world.

Everybody is right, nobody is wrong and yet nothing is getting better. The world is more populated , as opposed to saying that the world is getting smaller. All these people have different ideas and wants and dreams, and some of us will have our dreams come true, and the illusion is that  we have the right to pursue our happiness. Without the tools there is no road to utopia. Lies don't work, and when politicians and people realize that, things will be a little better for all of us.

We are  grown ups who can handle the truth and would much prefer truth, like  Hal in "2001 A Space Odyssey" lies don't work.

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