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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Old

This is getting old
The fingers stiff
The legs unsure
The memory missing
The teeth missing
The eyesight fading
The hearing waning
The bowels sluggish
The bladder overactive
The skin is dry
The nails brittle
The hair thinning
The muscles weakening

When young we look forward
When old we look backward

The time goes by so quickly?
It was only yesterday, when we thought of ourself as a spry chicken, when full of energy, ready and able to do everything. When everything was easy.

The balloon is filled with air, it is secured shut, yet, drip drip drip, the balloon begins to sag. It grows smaller and smaller. Nothing has changed, except time. Drip Drip, the balloon again becomes the skin with no air within.

And such is life, it inflates and it expands, the mind ever expanding with data, the body willing, able and agile.

Perhaps, it is simply a game of musical chairs, we each get a chance to seat, and once the music again begins, we each get a chance to lose to seat.

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