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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Why do you not have pride in what you are doing?It's a dumb job.
Why don't you quit?
I need the money.
Then why don't you do a good job?
I just mow the dumb lawn.
But, why do you not take pride in what you are doing?
I want to do something else.
So why don't you do something else?
There are no other jobs, this is the only thing I could get.
Then why do you spend your time doing a mediocre job?
They don't pay me enough.
So you are doing a job you do not like, for less money than you think the job is worth, and you are doing a lousy job of it.
Yeah, so what of it?
Should you not be doing a good job of it, mowing the lawn.
Because you said you would.
No I didn't. I just said I would mow.
OK, then, why do you spend your time making garbage?
What do you mean garbage, I'm mowing the lawn.
Yeah, but you are missing plenty of spots.
So, what if I am.
So, how does that make you feel about yourself?
Fine, how else should I feel about myself?
Cheap for one.
Who you calling cheap?
I didn't call you cheap, I just said you should feel cheap because you are not doing your best.
How do you know I am not doing my best?
You do not look like you feel good about yourself.
Me? I feel fine.
Oh, you like wasting your time doing less than your best, letting people see how little you think of yourself by not doing your very best all the time. If you always spend your time doing less than your best you get into the habit of doing less than your best and become sloppy all the time.
Says who?
Look in the mirror, see your hair is a mess and your shirt has stains on it.
I am mowing the lawn, I get dirty mowing the lawn.
If you say so.
Hey, what is it to you anyway?
I don't like to see a lawn that is not kept well, it offends my sense of art and beauty.
You're crazy.
If you say so. But, I do not have the look on my face that you have. And I can look everyone in the eye. You have not looked me in the eye. You can not look me in the eye. You must be hiding something or are ashamed. I am at peace with myself, I feel good about myself and I do my best all that time. I have no regrets about my day, and am pleased about how I spend the little time I have. If you think about it, all you have is time, and how you spend the time you have, is all you have to feel good about yourself. If you do less than your best you are cheating yourself.
What are you talking about?
Time is all you have. As the days go by and the time you have had begins to add up you look back on the years and ask yourself, what have I done with the time I have had. Have I made the most of my days, have I done my best, can I  say I have done every thing I wanted to do? Have I done everything I could do? Can I look myself in the eye and say I have not wasted any of my time and with what I have been given I have done as much as I could have done. Without all the ifs; if I had a better education, if I had money, if i was better looking etc.
With eveytHing I have I have done the most and the best I can do. Maybe for some it is not good enough, but for me, I have done my very best all the time, and that is all I can ever do.
You're CRAZY!

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