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Monday, April 16, 2012

History Channel Titanic at 100

So they call this a documentary and mix in fantasy. Most of the ten minutes I saw was not the Titanic but the people who did the work, the problems they had and the obstacles. False advertising personified, sensational erroneous work. If they had made a different title for the program, say, working towards Titanic, or the men who went for the Titanic.But instead they show make believe and call it documentary. They mention passengers and make up stories about what these people might have done. Then they show holographic design pieces of what these pieces look like and where they belong. If they say they are going to show us the Titanic, then , show us the Titanic. Lies don't work. They have garnered more ill will with their misrepresentation. Roger Mudd would not approve. The music also added to the tension. They turned me off so I turned them off.

The mystique of the Titanic, those persons perishing into the frozen waters all washed away by the History Channel and the insulting performance they attempted to pass among the people. If you are not angry you should be. You should be sick and tired of all the hoaxes trying to be perpetrated upon us. Too bad package deals are made for the channels, it, the History Channel, deserves to be dropped for this program. Misrepresentation is the same as lies. Ginger and MaryAnn made stars with fake representations of what might have been. Someone should be fired, without pay, and History Channel you should be ashamed, you have lost your credibility. 

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