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Monday, April 23, 2012


   Gone are the days of investment. The days when corporations sunk dollars into research and development, when discovery was the goal of every board. Derivatives, the tool advertised on wall street to skim money from the investment arena has changed the weather in the world. No one saves for a rainy day or tomorrow or the new toaster given away by the savings bank. When was the last time you heard of a savings bank, 1950? Yes, no one has any money to save, the cost of everything has skyrocketed to the moon, maybe that is why Mr Gingrich wants to go there. Information technology has advanced and fallen backwards, television is no longer king, it has fallen by the wayside, it has wasted it's arena on trite dribble aimed at the vapid empty heads. It is a shame, it was  the perfect venue to educate and amuse the masses, now all it does is give headaches. Noise is its song.
   Radio was king for a very long time, then the radio stations and its advertisers stopped spending money on its listeners. Stories on the radio was the greatest venue for the mind. The Shadow was a radio program that was fascinating. That was in the day when people listened with their ears. They would hear the sound effects and be transported into the world of imagination, The minds eye would paint the picture from the words. It was a very personal experience, every minds eye would imagine the scenery the players and the story. Children in their beds would listen quietly to every creak of a footstep or door, they would imagine the weight of the foot or the shoe as it landed on each step and they would design the door that closed, designed even the doorknob that turned. Now on the radio ...
  Maybe it is simply, there is no longer an investment in beauty, it is only grab what you can while you can. Maybe it has to do with overpopulation, people being less important because there are now so many of us, we are down to the utility of it all, back to basics even though the markets are flooded with everything imaginable to entertain and amuse us, we no longer amuse ourselves. Fewer people whistle or play the harmonica, tap dancing is becoming a lost art. Storytelling is mostly written books or kindle.
  Ed Sullivan was a great entertainer. He gave us a little bit of everything, dancing, singing, acrobatics, clowns, comedians, animal acts, musicians, variety. He educated us all to the charms of the rest of the world. Now on tv it is fragmented, programs are twenty minutes of advertising and forty minutes of the same thing. Except the news, the news never shows us what is going on in the world they tell us what is going on, from an editorial point of view. They do the thinking for us and tell us how to feel about the story they are reporting. Some of their favorite adjectives are: scary, terrible, horrible, frightening.
  Yes, there is no longer any investment in the future. No one has given us any tools to learn how to imagine a future, one that we might want to live in, and we have not any idea how to design one for ourselves, so we are grabbing what we can, before it is all gone.

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