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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When you finish praying you say Amen
Why didn't you say Awomen
for that matter why are they wo-men

and then there is fe-male
lady on the other hand does not depend
on the male of the species for identification

quoting the dictionary
[ origin Old English hlafdige
from hlaf LOAF noun + Germanic base meaning 'knead'.
Cf. DEY noun, DOUGH noun]

From Wo-men to Fe-male
to knead dough

That must have been in the days when humans did not
have a language
when grunts and groans communicated

and we have continued to use the same label
or should we say the men used the label to segregate the Wo-men
from the men

Smarter males inhereted codes
Darling [from DEAR and LING-Any of various marine food fishes
resembling cod]

Personally Wo- men is very good
outside a restroom it is important to signify
Wo- men
when men ruled it was to signify a place where they chose not to enter
and it stuck

sounds a little like the origins of segregation
boy on one side of the room
girls on the other side of the room

Many cultures find it appropriate to segregate the sexes
most of the time
except for the purpose of increasing the population
to provide for security?

The mythical? Amazon women eliminated their men
when they served their purpose of repopulating the women
where they called wo-men too.

It simply appears that whomever is in charge and making the rules
makes the titles
whatever they want them to be
and many of us accept without question
the way things are

the new generation
the hi-tech info age
may also go so fast
that we neither see nor care nor question
and we get to continue
to let things stay the same. Amen, Awo-men.

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