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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

did you think today
did you happen to think about all the people on the planet
one by one

yes  i did
then what do you think

i think i would like to meet all these people
one by one

wouldn't that be lovely
walking around the world
going up to every person
looking at their face
looking in their eyes
shaking their hand
and then moving on to the next person
that would be lovely

because there are some people
i don't want to say they are evil
but i think perhaps they must be evil
because when i shake their hand
it gives me an awful feeling
throughout my body, that i do not forget
i forget the face, i forget the person
but i do not forget the feeling
it sorta disrupts the flow of energy
in my body
it sends tremors through my veins
and have no answer why

so i think about going around the world
to greet every face with a smile and extend
my hand

maybe a billion people would be happy to meet me
maybe they would smile to greet me

maybe two billion people would be happy to shake my hand
that would be a nice trip to take
just to wander the world to shake everybody's hand
without even bothering to see the sights

like the politicans
with the big smile and strong forward gait with arm and hand extended
meet me meet me

there are all these people
all over the place
and i don't know them

and that is what i think about sometimes
what are they doing
even smaller thoughts than that
what are they wearing today;
what did they have for breakfast
are they standing in sunshine
are they happy

maybe, it's because today
the house is surrounded by more than two feet of snow
in some places four feet of snow
can't step more that two feet out the door
can't go anywhere
can only loook to the distance, to the  sky
and the whole world seems closer
no one can reach us
we're covered with snow
yet everyone is closer

the quiet stillness of the frozen snow
the blinding sun
no traffic sounds on the road
they probably won't plow our road for two to three days
the cold will freeze the snow
the cold will freeze the wires
maybe they will snap and the power will cease
and the cold will freeze
and maybe they promise minus twenty degrees

and i think about somebody else
in a far away place
and what are they doing today
and are they safe
 is everybody safe
funny how the cold and the snow and the ice
brings thoughts and images
of you in your far away place
and wondering if you are safe

today i want everybody to be safe
as i shake the hand of every body i see
in my minds eye eight billion maybe

snowed in snowed bound
and travelling free
to meet every body
with a smile on my face
as i look in your eye
as you take my hand
and then walk on by

i want not to linger
just visit for a sec

funny what one thinks
when snowed in and
snowed bound

with no place to go

and outside no sound
so quiet
so still
all life?
poised, waiting
what will happen next
it it so quiet
time is standing still
it is the time to look
and as you look out the window
at the stillness
at the sun
at the snow
it becomes an out of body experience
the mind is travelling around the world
and then we wonder
is this
 what they call stir crazy

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