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Friday, February 4, 2011

not winter


pages have been turned
lines read
there is someone out there
following what i have said

more than one
more than two
paying attention to what is said

one persons opinion
followed by more than two
hooray for you

make up a story
tell a tale
wind a yarn build a fabric
weave the imagination
travel to a star
leave the planet
exit the room
visit the cosmos
inside your room

the night sky
the morning sun
wind surf
sea shells

stand in the middle
lie on the floor
follow the stars

sail with the wind
across the sea
alone maybe three
row a boat
walk the sand
it is summertime
the sun bakes the face
wind brushes hair
the smell of the sea
the salt on the nose
the smell of the sea
the aroma of the surf
white washing the sand
the shells underfoot
barefoot in the water
the waves washing the feet
the ocean wide and grand
the place of no land
the scent of the sea
a visit to the ocean
a dream of not winter
for me

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