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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fw: Senate Bill 3 et al

Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 4:06 PM
Subject: Senate Bill 3 et al

Dear Senator Mike Parsons,
Todays Cole Camp Courier had your report on government business.
The issue of photo id for voter registeration is probably reasonable, except there are people who could if they wanted to, create a government document that would be accepted.
The issue is who and how this measure shall be funded.
How is a lessable individual who does not drive and can not afford medical care, going to afford the RIGHT to vote
Before you vote for this issue please consider the rights of Americans before you consider protecting the right to vote.
We are increasingly becoming a police state run by fear, and the fear is the enemy that will destroy us.
Please think carefully about the freedoms we have given up already and the changes you are about to make.
If we are a country strong in our support of our laws, and our laws support its citizens we are safe.
If we fear our neighbor, we will lock our doors and live in a prison of our own making.
I would rather live in a free America and let the whole world learn from a free society rather than give up any rights I have.
Choosing who will represent me in my government is something I do and reinforces my Americanism with all my neighbors every election.
If you close all the doors, if you lock all the doors, no one can enter nor leave, danger from an enemy we can handle as a nation, danger from a friend we can handle too, trampling on our rights we can not and will not accept. THAT is what it is to be an American.
It really bothers me that your article states that we should get in touch with your office instead of stating that we may contact YOU. And you do not include a phone number nor an email address neither a post office address.

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