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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The IRS - insult to injury

2010 - The space odyssey, The IRS this year has stopped its annual distribution of forms and instructions for filing taxes. Supposedly they sent us all a postcard informing us, that since the forms were on the internet it was no longer necessary for them, the IRS to send forms and instructions for filing income tax.

Now we are all responsible for finding the information we need and for finding the forms we need to pay taxes.

We are now responsible for either paying taxes on line or downloading the forms necessary and the instructions too.

It isn't bad enough to have to spend hours TRYING to figure out the taxes, we must spend hours trying to find the information and forms, under pain of prosecution(persecution).

This government ASSumes everyone has the knowledge and access to the internet, a computer  and a printer. Does that means we can take the internet connection, computer, printer and paper as a  deduction.

You want something from the government you need to file forms, you need to give something to the government or get back what you ARE entitled to you will have to file a form. Which form you may ask, call the IRS and wait fifteen minutes for someone maybe to answer the question.

It appears that the government is making it difficult for some of the poorer people to participate in the running of the government i.e. paying their share to finance the government.

Every year, it has been the let down after christmas, we receive the forms required to pay caesar his due.
That nightmare is ended, replaced by the quagmire of space and the IRS.

The government has become the quintissential corporation, answering to no one; unreachable.

The time for downsizing is now.
The less we have the less they will take, the less we will have to try to figure out.
How can one prepare for the future without information, the government is eliminating the right people have to have their government inform them. If I do not own a computer, if I do not have access to the internet then I do not have to pay taxes. If I can not afford to access the internet and if I can not afford to own a computer and printer I then do not have to pay taxes?

How dare the government take from the average citizen their right to information. How dare the IRS ASSume we Americans want to access the IRS files to spend hours searching for the information we must need to comply with the law of paying income tax.

Now the government will save millions by not printing the forms and instructions for paying income tax and place the BURDEN upon the people.
If you want to give blood you must provide your own needles!

The taxpayer is overburdened, some have lost their jobs, now besides that they must hunt down the forms they need.
This is now the land of free for all, dog eat dog, the government seems to  be  in a crisis. The government has lost touch with the people, again.
The government seems to be fighting for its right to exist by denying the people, ALL the people their right to the information needed.

This is no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people.
How about those who can not afford a telephone to call the IRS to find out that they did not get the forms and that the postcard telling them that the forms would not be delivered by mail. Yes the IRS can not either afford to use the US Postal Service.

Everyone has been too busy ripping off the system, there is no more system. We are in the same boat as the Egyptians only we don't know it yet, or we won't admit it yet.

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