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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A foreign exchange student...

...came to America and was staying with a cruel person who locked the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator so the student could not even get a snack.

Lucky? for the student, the supervisor of the exchange program was attentive to the childs unhappiness and took the student away from the cruel host home.

The exchange program supervisor, a mother and grandmother, worked at a variety of jobs to support herself and family. Besides waiting tables at a local restaurant she also other peoples homes.

One day she, the exchange program supervisor, went to clean the home of a retired couple in a town not too far from where she lived. She brought along with her the foreign exchange student.

The retired couple were very pleased to have company especially an young international visitor. He, a WWII veteran, was stationed for a time in Paris and enjoyed the opportunity to practice the little bit of French he remembered. She loved grandmothering the foreign exchange student. The visit was very comfortable for all of them, and the foreign exchange student was made to feel comfortable in America.

Afterwards, the foreigh exchange student when communicating with her family in France, told her grandmother how nice the retired couple had been. The child was made so comfortable that the grandmother was very pleased and decided to write to the retired couple to thank them for the kindness they had shown to the grandchild.

The retired couple and the grandparents in France soon became pen pals sharing their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren. Over the years many letters were mailed between countries and there was a bond that reached across the ocean.

The foreign exchange student grew up, became a professional, got married and had children and all the progress was shared with the retired couple.

First the WWII veteran, then his wife passed on, and their children continued the bond and communication across the ocean. Email took the place of the post office and instead of the retired woman who learned French, the grandmother is honing her english to keep in touch, all because somebody locked the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator and a bunch of people agreed that it was a very unkind thing to do. We hope it wasn't you. 

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