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Friday, February 11, 2011


Since you were wondering, this blog was opened 11/26/10

There have, to date,  been 702 pageviews from around the world.

United   States          511
France                      151
Singapore                    10
Finland                        10
United Kingdom           4
Croatia                         4
Slovenia                        2
Denmark                       2
Canada                         1
India                             1
South Korea                 1

This is what the blog stats report.
Maybe it is in fact true.

There has been one comment posted to the blog.

The dear letters are read, and the most favorite is the Maxwell House page.

If there are people all around the world reading these pages it is a remarkable thing. And if what is written is enjoyed it is a spectacular feat, which would not have been accomplished without Johann Gutenberg the inventor of the printing press (c 1397-1468). This is the man who made it possible for the masses to become educated. Before he invented the printing press, words were handwritten for a very special few, wealthy powerful group of people. He should be our favorite person. He made it possible for all people to learn. Think about the idea of books being hand written and how few people would be able to learn or read what was written.

In about five hundred years BILLIONS of people have read the printed word and if he did not and no one else had invented the printing press how many people would still have never held a book or discovered the joy of travelling through the pages of fantasy and mystery or science fiction. Five hundred years ago the thought of someone in Missouri writing something that would or could be read the same day by someone in Singapore would have been fantastic imagination, and crazy.

Thank you Johann Gutenberg, because my family was probably not the rich privileged few who got to learn to read or write, and he made it possible for me to learn.

Without the printing press, we would all be working in the fields, most of us for sure.
Happy Reading.

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