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Monday, January 31, 2011

the tv news

"In the old days"
the news was reported
the newsman(there were no newswomen)
was honored to bring forth the news
it was his duty
tv stations felt bound to inform and educate

tv news is bound to
bring you the hook
that gets you to watch the commercial
their advertisers pay to air

tv news only reports the news
they choose for you to know
they bring the events
with their slant
and the smear
along with the sneer

the tv news
is about
those reporting the news
the newscaster star
the logo
the catchy intro
the distraction
the segue
from what's going on

the tv news
tells of the storm
but pauses the hurricane, tsunami, and landslides
until these brief messages from every sponsor

the tv news
shows no photos, no first hand accounts
just the hearsay from their representative

"In the old days"
the tv news
went there to find out what was going on

the tv news in the old days
wanted to know about every country on the planet
and every planet in the galaxy
and share the information

now the tv news
belongs to a few
who tell us less
and charge us more

so maybe we won't care
so maybe we won't want to hear
so maybe we
we get informed elsewhere

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