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Saturday, April 9, 2011


The strong-arm of attention
has arraigned the brain
the obstinate immortal
enchant, casting the spell
of an unlettered stench
speeding the ill wind to confer
the box of religion to spare the fixed
crabbed executive

and that folks is the result of the
random choice of words from the dictionary
and the random sort of those words
into something that sounds readable
or probably something a politican
would say

Guess you could put this in the category of
another silly mind game to amuse 'the little
gray cells' and keep the wheels turning

as well as a distraction from what is reallly
going on

sorry to inconvenience you with the dribble
of fatigue
but writing instead of sleeping seemed like a good idea
although the trifle is not worth while
as I attempt to rhyme a rythmn to unlock the thought
that has stalled the brain into inertia

inertia is more damaging than indifference
inertia is the brick wall that controls
and holds the soul, locked in a nowhere
with nothing to stir the imagination.

without the imagination inertia is the ship at sea
without wind for its sails
adrift with the tide, swaying from side to side
listless, quietly getting lost in the sea
no land in sight
no stars to steer by night
no sun to point the way
adrift on the water
with the smell of the salt air
and no other sight than the sea
oh my oh me
nothing but sea

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