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Monday, April 11, 2011

comments please

Elder, "Keep your mouth shut. Don't tell anyone how you feel, do not share your opinion, it won't do any good, noone will listen to you anyway, what makes you think you have something important to say, you don't know anything, you haven't been here long enough to know what goes on, so how do you come up with the idea that you have something valueable to comtribute, let those who know what is going on take care of it, mind your own business, don't bother saying anything, they'll just laugh at you."
Youth, "But I know when things aren't right, I know what is wrong, and if I don't speak up it will go on as it always has, and I will regret not saying anything to try to make it better."
Elder, "Better? How can you make it better? People have been struggling and striving for centuries, tens of centuries. Besides, it is better, think about the Romans, feeding people to the lions, countries invading countries, stealing their wealth, slaughtering their people. Think about the era of the sweat shop, the choking coal mines, slavery, all those things are gone. Now we have competition, the free market system, democracy and equal rights."
Youth, "YeaH! i KNOW equal rights. We each have the right to PURSUE happiness, like the dogs at the track chasing the rabbit, but the dog never catches the rabbit. It is just a system to keep us all busy, so we don't start any trouble."
Elder, "Don't make any waves, don't make them notice you, then you can live your life. The world belongs to a few very rich people, they are in control, there is nothing you can do"
Youth, "Revolt."

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