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Friday, April 15, 2011

An old story

Seventh grade 1959, the first male teacher at the catholic elementary school resembles Ichabod Crane, tall, skinny, black hair and a slight hunch to his back. He favored the arts, classical mucic, rigid classes, and physical punishments. He had no problem bashing a child across the nuckles with the blackboard pointer or using the pointer to point and fondle the girls dresses. All the students marks suffered during his term, whether through his strict grading or general malaise is a point debated. He was the least favorite teacher of all the students.
One day, Bobbi and Jennie decided to steal all his keys and throw them away. The principal, all the nuns and Mr Ronney were in a huff for the missing property. Teh students became agitated by the odd event, there was an air of discomfort disturbing the whole school. Bobbi and Jennie bragged to Margie what they had done.
Margie could not, in her mind, understand the logic for the act. She did not see any good by what they had done, and further saw the upheavel placing a cloud of turbid turmoil in the environment. She, on her own, chose to 'rat' on the girls. The girls were made to pay for the replacement of the lost keys, and any locks which would have to be replaced.
Some time later, Margie was walking on the way home from school with other friends. Jennies brother was riding his bike with Jennie on board. He was delivering his sister to beat up Margie for 'ratting her out'. Margie's uncle was driving down the street at the same time, he saw what was happening and picked Jennies brother up from the neck of his shirt. He lifted him off the bike, he let go of the handlebars and the bike fell to the ground. Jennie turned and was startled, so was her brother. Margie's uncle let go of the kid and that was the end of that.

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