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Sunday, April 3, 2011


So somebody in Florida burned a Koran
and they are rioting in Afghanistan

they are afraid
afraid that what they, both in Florida and Afghanistan
believe in will be invalidated

they are so insecure in their beliefs that they are atttacking
others for their beliefs

the new crusades
those who have so little are fighting for the illusion
and many will die
for what they believe

for they cannot live without the illusion
for they cannot give up the illusion
despair is what they do not want
and being alive without the promise of something
better in the after life is more than they can handle

they have to believe in the better life later
because the life they lead now is so unfulfilling
most of them  are men of course
they have to lead the way to a better existence
they believe what was written so long ago
interpreted by other men

they can not consider that the books were written
by others who wanted to control,
those boss of bosses giving orders

have they at all considered that most of what has been written
is simply a how to book for the human body
like the automobile manual
telling that too much of any one thing will rot the system
that fasting is a good way to clean the pipes

the Catholic church was known to order eating meat on Friday
was a sin, to give the fish industry an opportunity for business

the Koran ordering the death of infidels is a fine way to insure
complete control, without opposition

religion fighting governments for control
the have nots fighting the haves
for what they have

again ignorance and want rearing their ugly heads
and again we have no one smart enough to figure out
how to multiply the loaves and fishes (it is presumed that
individuals present at the event many years ago, contributed
what they had to help feed the masses present at the event)
and help us out of this predicament

thus, we are forced to live through history repeating itself
and all we can do is watch the movie
I.E. except for those of us forced to participate in the drama
the hard times for all they are a coming
except of course for a select few
who will be insulated from the falling debris

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