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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the continuing saga

He doesn't remember

neither does she

He says she did it
and she says, if she did, she does not remember
He doesn't see so good
neither does she
He does not hear so good, or blocks out
most of the sound around him
she hears more than she wants and
has not the ability to block things out

her nerves getting shattered by the
drone of life that surrounds her 

he talks about everything and alot
and she gets overwhelmed by all  the data
he keeps feeding her

he is quick to reason while
she is slow to absorb,
she answers the question he asked five minutes ago
and he gets confused because for those five minutes
he has been talking about something else

they both passed middle age, way awhile ago
set in their ways
with health issues to annoy them, they  
annoy each other

when they communicate
they both forget words, nouns  as well as adjectives, 
with each sentence, choosing words that
resemble nothing to relate to the subject at hand
both their minds growing older with difficulty finding
the words they knew unable explain what they want to
say, their minds 'dead ending' losing their way
to the reservoir of the dictionary they enmassed in their heads 

neither sleep well, one snoring louder than
the other, with his prostate calling 'tis time again
to void'

he forgetting what he said
or, keeps remembering to say the same thing
over and over

she constantly getting annoyed, with him repeating, while,
he believes he is making a the statement for the first time
and is surprised by her annoyance

he getting angry when she doesn't tell him something
she saying she told him three days ago

she always thinks she is right and has to have the concrete
fact to prove her wrong, then she is stunned by her
mis-knowledge and cannot believe that she is remembering
something wrong

her problem solving skills are grand, while he is always giving
her the problems to solve

but she can no longer add or subtract or balance her checkbook

when she shops she gives two twenties for an eighteen dollar bill
then hunts for days for the twenty she has lost, never realizing
the clerk has palmed her bill

he, being mechanically challenged, throws away anything that does
not work
she opens up and inspects anything that is not functioning, hoping
she can fix it

he, the meat and potatoes man in the household, had ordered meals
with specific vegetables for each animal, avoiding leftovers
she eats most anything with the preference for non meat meals, saving
leftovers as treasures for tomorrow

to be continued

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