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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

silly, more

Somebody, anybody, everybody, a body, your body, my body, this body, that body,

maybe things disappear when you stare at them long enough

or does your consciousness disappear

exhaustion changes everything
the things cared about before exhaustion
become irrelevant and unimportant
they disappear from the want
and the relevance becomes irrelevant
except food
food is always important except when we are full
do we ignore the hungry when we are full
and do we give solace to the hungry when we too are hungry
'body fuel'
fuels the body, what a funny word
which one
both of them
silly again
can have import
becomes a revered word
when the combinations
arouse the senses
sparkling revues
mouth watering
words to ignite plans and postures
preparation and anticipation
picture the empty plate
and before the food
which will not appear

are you full
have you had enough
is the thought and the memory
of those memorable meals
enough to sustain you through your hunger

how long can you do without
how long can YOU, yes YOU
be without, and do without that something
that enters the mouth and travels through
to the stomach

can you afford to do without
will you choose to do without
must you do without
how do you do without

without is the answer

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