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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

Today, like every other day, I spent time washing my face, brushing my teeth, dressing, preparing meals, consuming meals, cleaning up the mess made from preparing the meals and consuming the meals.

The rest of the day was spent, travelling to the store to shop for things to prepare for meals to consume, stopping for gasoline to run the engine to take me to the store to purchase the food for the meals to prepare and consume.

Also, visited the post office to deliver the all important tax papers for 2009 taxes. Watched some new on tv, not much news, mostly, newscasters opinions of the news, they still have to describe news events by their feelings like horrible, terrifying. Like they think I care how they feel about the news they are reporting. Like their feelings are more important than the news.

Why don't they just say, an earthquake hit Indonesia, not a terrifying earthquake hit... We don't care if they are sad about something, what is important is the report, fighting in Lybia, not dangerous fighting, we know all fighting is dangerous, someone always gets damaged. Like all the news is new to them, like they never heard it before. Why can't they just tell us what is going on, instead of giving us their personal opinion. I don't know them so what value is their feelings to me. Let me form my own opinion, don't tell me how to feel about something!

Well, after getting upset about the news reporters, more than the news, so namaste yoga was the trick to relax the mind and wake up the body.

I thought about all the work I still had to do, and still plan to do. Sent some emails to keep in touch with friends, individually instead of facebook, in your face everybody knows what your thinking.

Fed the cat, brushed the cat. Washed some dishes, took a shower.

Thought about the hair thinning, and wondered how I will look bald, maybe I should shave my head instead of counting strands, must consider the options.

Saw some sun, some clouds and some sky today. Heard the wind whistling in springtime and rain. Saw some daffodils and the peach trees beginning to bloom while the grass is turning a rich green.

Saw lots of cows today on my way to and from shopping,some were black,  some were brown, and some were white. Reminds me of the thousands of tons of irradiated water washed into the ocean today because of the reactor problems in Japan, bet that sure will put a crimp on China's fish industry. Lots of unrest in the world. Hati is still struggling, now Japan, now Indonesia. It is an odd feeling when thinking about the problems of the Whole World. All I can do is think about it, with out any answers, just a heaving burden, like a weight upon my shoulders for All is my family,  thinking about the unhappiness each is felling and the sadness forced upon them. I wish there was a way to make them smile.


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