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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/11 The Twin Towers

On any given business day, the twin towers
each had an occupancy of one hundred thousand
below the twin towers is a concourse filled with shops
as well as the entrance to the subway station
and the Path train station
When the towers were attacked at about 8.45a.m.
there had to be activity reminiscent of worker ants
busying themselves scurrying in all directions
The Path trains connect New Jersey with lower Manhattan
bringing residents of New Jersey to their employment,
somewhere in New York. The New York City Subway
connects Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, three boroughs
of New York with Manhattan. Many of the people who live
in those boroughs work in Manhattan and must therefore
take the subway, unless they drive automobiles or take a bus
that travels to Manhattan, to reach their job.
Has anyone questioned the casualty count from the assault on 9/11.
Is it simply a remarkable stroke of luck, or is there more to the story.
Besides the passengers on the four planes that crashes, and the
multitude of fire persons lost at the twin towers site, there seemed to
be few fatalities, mostly the persons employed by Cantor Fitzgerald
and Morgan Stanley, who worked on the upper floors, plus the
people at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of one of the towers.
Is it possible for tens of thousands of persons to rapidly evacuate.
Ten years later, reflecting back, it seems a remarkable achievement
for all those persons to refocus their attention from the task of
travelling to work to running to safety.
The upper floors of the towers were accessible by using two different
elevators, each going halfway up the building. It would take at least
five minutes by elevator, best time, from top to bottom, assuming you were able to get on both elevators, without crowds forcing you to wait for
another elevator.
From the train station you either walked up stair to the street level or
you rode the escalator, and you usually had to wait your turn to access
the escalator, because of all the people exiting the subway at the same
The statistics of the Twin Towers seem un-believeable.

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