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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Google has made changes to blogger, or has blogger made changes to google
either way
I am unable to spell check my work
so you now know I am an iffy speller
when I remember I am terriffic
then, and also,
sometimes my english is not so good
I second guess myself in the middle of the night
either way
the newest publication
has not been edited
because I can not find the edit function in the new layout
so I am unable to change the work, word
I am not rereading it until then
because I will not delete it, have I found the delete function?
technology is a wonderful thing
technology is a terrible thing
the best laid plans of mice and men
often go awry
and I am included here
as a mouse of the system
attempting to appear a giant
using all the technology afforded me
and being unmasked
appear as every
other struggling individual
hoping to make ends meet.
technology is a wonderful thing
like the calculator
except when it does not work
it is important to know how to add...
Summer is almost gone
winter is almost here
indian summer is upon us
we hope,
for those last delicious days of sunshine
and warmth and shirtsleeves.
And best wishes to all those whom
have fallen victim to the weather,
may your days be gentler.

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